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How to maintain the interphone battery


  1. Do not short-circuit the terminal of the battery or put the battery into fire.

  2. When the battery is installed on the walkie-talkie, it can be charged, but the walkie-talkie needs to be turned off to ensure full battery.

  3. The first three times of charging should be sufficient for 16 hours to reduce the memory function, and the later charging time should be around 10 hours.

  4. Do not leave the walkie-talkie and battery on the charger when not charging, continuous charging will shorten the battery life.

  5. Whenever possible, the battery should be in an indoor environment of about 20 degrees Celsius. Charging when the temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius will lead to electrolyte leakage and eventually become the weight barrier battery.

  6. For conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.Before each charge, the battery of the walkie-talkie must be fully used clean (that is, when PTT button is pressed on the walkie-talkie, it cannot launch normally).Otherwise, will cause the interphone battery to produce the memory.The battery life is greatly shortened.