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What if there is no reaction after the interphone is turned on


  Walkie-talkie overhaul, first measure the CPU control board main points of the dc working voltage, the test shows that there are many points of electrical voltage on the control board and the normal value is not consistent, can not judge what is the problem.Then shut down the test resistance, after repeated testing, finally found that, when using the multimeter RX1 frequency measurement circuit board and display control board grounding between the resistance, found that there are 600 or so between the resistance value, apparently is a plate end is not connected.

  After using a copper wire to connect the intermediate frequency plate with the ground wire of the control, the interphone is started up and tested.Walkie-talkies are widely used in public security and other communication networks because of their good quality, but when used for a long time, the loudspeaker often goes bad.Based on years of repair experience, the following methods can be used to repair.

  Carefully remove the horn sound film. Found that due to the manufacturer use glue to fix the voice coil wire on the sound film, on the other side with glue water closed in on the bracket, the sound film due to vibration to the rack of wire break, and the voice coil in good condition. When repair. Carefully remove sound membrane thread. Use the enameled wire welding of 0.07 mm, and conscripted glue is fixed on the sound film. Powder support center holes in empty, enameled wire wear out after fixed to the bracket on both sides. Then welding in welding.