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Domestic market walkie-talkie recording of several major issues analysis


  1. Record all calls:

  At present, in the domestic market, there is hardly any kind of equipment that can obtain the interphone calls wirelessly. Some manufacturers claim that they can obtain the calls wirelessly. The actual principle is to add a walkie-talkie receiving module in the recording equipment, in other words, to put a walkie-talkie inside.There are several problems with this approach: the frequency range of the acquisition, the distance of the acquisition, and the cost.Because the built-in receiving module can only cover a certain frequency range, and different industry applications will have a lot of different frequency range, such as civil, military, public security, railway, maritime safety bureau, they have an independent frequency range, if only a built-in receiving module, its application range will be very small;The second problem is the collection distance. The power of the walkie-talkie is relatively small. The transceiver distance is much smaller than that of the radio station.The third problem is cost. For professional walkie-talkies, the price is very high.Swift's VLD series recording devices are all recorded by external walkie-talkies, and there are no requirements on the brand and model of walkie-talkies. The walkie-talkies used for recording can still be used as routine, and can be replaced at any time, with existing walkie-talkies, or with civil ones.

  2. Will omissions occur during recording:

  When you choose a recording equipment, not only consider the price, cheap recording equipment in addition to its own function and performance single, the response speed of voice control is often low, because they are in order to save costs are using low speed single-chip microcomputer.This will appear a large number of missing words, say a few words in front of a sentence, the late forensics query brought great trouble.Swiyan's VLD series walkie-talkie recording equipment has the fastest response speed in China, with only millisecond delay, which is much faster than that of moving several seconds.

  3. Can I get ID:

  ID usually has two kinds, one is to transmit DTMF code, there is a digital encoding.For the first type, our VLD series walkie-talkie recording equipment is available.As for the second type, it is a pity that not only our VLD series recording equipment cannot be obtained, but also no other third party similar products can be obtained, because it is digital and USES codes that can only be recognized by the walkie-talkie, and the third party recording equipment cannot decode it